Thursday, March 11, 2010


Isaiah got an invitation to a birthday party yesterday. He's been talking about it. Saying that this boy was having a party and he was invited. We kept telling him we'd need something in writing. You know how kids are! This kids parents could have been planning a family only party and here he goes to school and invites everyone! But yesterday he brought home the invite. We had thoughts of going away for Spring break but nothing has been written in stone yet. This boys party was 2 days into Spring break. I told my parents that any plans they may have thought of would have to work around this. Isaiah really wanted to go and this boy is a little odd. I think he gets picked on. I know even Isaiah has lost patience with him before because he's sort of immature and whines a lot, that sort of thing. But Isaiah did bet him a birthday card and some Pokemon cards and wrapped them up himself and gave to the kid. I told mom I thought Isaiah better go because with the timing of the party other kids may be out of town, no to mention he's not Mr. Popularity.
My mom said Isaiah told them one weekend that at lunch the kids were picking on another little boy and saying he had cooties. He'd try to sit down and the kids would block him and say "no you have cooties". Until Isaiah spoke up and told him he could come and sit by him. I guess the teacher said something to him, praising him for being kind to that boy when no one else would.
He's such a good soul!


Michael said...

What a great guy! I'm a fan.

Sometimes those kids that drive you nuts become lifelong friends.

SuzanSayz said...

Man how I love your son. Isaiah, you are my hero. If only there were more people like him in this big, sad, cruel, world of ours.
I get happy just knowing that there are sweet beautiful people like Isaiah here on earth making their little corner of the world that much better.

Fawn said...

I always love your Isaiah stories. I know he's fascinated by the Yukon, so you go ahead and send him on up here when he's ready to visit, got it? :)