Friday, April 23, 2010

New Neurologist

You know I LOVE our neurologist Dr. Tuxhorn. But she's leaving Cleveland Clinic! Boo Hooo!
But word is she's going to be the new head of pediatric epilepsy at Rainbow Babies Children's hospital. Which is on Euclid Ave. in Cleveland just like Cleveland Clinic!
When I first found out she was leaving I was just really hoping she'd stay in the U.S. and not go back to Europe. So to think she's just going down the road is great news.
I still don't know if she'll take patients at her new position. Rainbow Babies is part of University Hospital, which I think is part of Case Western University. BEAUTIFUL campus by the way!
Naomi has a routine EEG on Tuesday then sees Dr. Tuxhorn later in the day, so we'll no more then.
I really hope we can just move with her! We've seen her since November 2007 and I really don't want to switch. Just in case I've already decided we will see Dr. Deepak Lachhwani if we HAVE to stay at Cleveland. He did rounds once when she stayed in patient at the pediatric monitoring unit and had a very nice bedside manner. So I'd be comfortable with him. But still really hate to think of loosing Tuxhorn.


Fawn said...

Man, it would be tough to lose her! Here's hoping for good news on Tuesday.

Lisa said...

Oh, I hope that you will be able to keep with your same neurologist, but at least it sounds like you have a good backup doc if you have to switch!

Lori said...

Must be hard to lose a caregiver who has meant so much to you. I can see how they'd get pretty close to your family! Blessings to you!

SuzanSayz said...

I sure hope that you can keep your doctor. Finding a good doctor is so hard sometimes. And when you have a child with extra needs it's a huge blessing to have a doctor you can trust and feel good taking your child to.