Saturday, May 8, 2010

Fashion Babies

I heard something on TV yesterday that really irritated me.
We all know Sandra Bullock adopted a baby. Well, she's being criticized for adopting a black baby. Some say she just did it because it's fashionable. Seriously! People are so stupid! Can they not just be happy that a baby found a good home? And "Fashionable"???? Is that really how they want to put it?
Immediately what sprang into my mind was Paris Hilton and her stupid tiny dogs tucked under her arm. Then Brittney Spears and every one on TV seemed to have a little dog, the tinier the better, tucked in their arm, in their purse etc....
But a baby?! As a fashion accessory? Come on!
I was telling all this to Bill last night and laughed and asked "When will a baby in a helmet be fashionable? Cause I got one of those!". I'm not into shoes or jewelry or any of that so that's my only hope of ever being fashionable!
Come on Angie and Brad! Strap some hockey helmets on a kid or two and help my cause along!

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SuzanSayz said...

I hear ya! Elisabeth is another helmet wearing kid, and it would be great for more people to realize that helmet or not they are still JUST kids.